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Fortifying cows milk may be an effective approach to improve vitamin D status in preschool infants. Kehoe et al., JHND

The accuracy of dietary recall of infant feeding and food allergen data (pages 777–785) Z. van Zyl, K. Maslin, T. Dean, R. Blaauw and C. Venter

Taste preference, food neophobia and nutritional intake in children consuming a cows’ milk exclusion diet: a prospective study (pages 786–796) K. Maslin, K. Grimshaw, E. Oliver, G. Roberts, S. H. Arshad, T. Dean, J. Grundy, G. Glasbey and C. Venter - The Prof's Pick for December

Comparisons of physical activity, adipokines, vitamin D status and dietary vitamin D intake among adolescents Virecoulon Giudici et al., JHND Early View

Clinical evaluation of obese teenagers-relating anthropometry to disease risk indicators Body composition of obese adolescents: association between adiposity indicators and cardiometabolic risk factors Araujo et al., JHND Early View

Development and validation of a quantitative snack and beverage food frequency questionnaire for adolescents De Cock et al., JHND Early View