NHD CPD eArticle archive

Community / elderly care

VOL 12.07 July 2022 Conditions and nutritional interventions in the elderly

Vol 12.01 Jan 2022 Pressure ulcers and nutrition

Vol 10.07 July 2020 Alzheimer's disease: eating and drinking challenges

Vol 10.04 21st April 2020 Undernutrtion

Vol 10.03 April 2020 Dysphagia

Vol 9.14 November 2019 Malnutrition in the community setting: a new approach to staff training

Vol 9.04 April 2019 Malnutrition in the elderly: current challenges and interventions

Vol 8.09 May 2018 Dysphagia: an update on current practice

Vol 8.08 May 2018 Food based activity and person-centred care for older people in care homes

Vol 8.04 March 2018 ONS: are they an effective intervention in people living with dementia?

Vol 7.19 November 2017 Texture modification in dysphagia patients

Vol 7.18 November 2017 Malnutrition: Nutritional screening at the NHS 'front door' - a review

Vol 7.17 October 2017 The gut microbiota in older adults and the potential for probiotics

Vol 7.06 April 2017 Managing malnutrition in care homes

Vol 6.14 August 25th 2016 Malnutrition in the elderly

Vol 6.07: April 21st 2016 Malnutrition in the elderly: identifying and signposting with the paperweight armband

Vol 6.03: February 11th 2016 Managing dysphagia in care homes

Vol 5.06: April 23rd 2015 Sarcopenia and diet in older people

Vol 5.04: March 12th 2015 Dysphagia and nutritional interventions in stroke care

Vol 4.22: November 25th 2014 Tackling Malnutrition in the Elderly

Vol 4.18: September 30th 2014 Diet and Alzheimer's disease

Vol 4.13: July 3rd 2014 Malnutrition

Vol 3.15: August 16th 2013 Malnutrition: rapid spread methodology

Vol 3.10: May 23rd 2013 Clinical nutrition in care homes

Vol 2.8: November 15th 2012 Malnutrition in older patients: redesigning the food and nutrition service

Vol 2.1: July 5th 2012 Malnutrition in the commuinty