Face to Face with Ursula Arens

NHD columnist, Ursula Arens, interviews people who influence nutrition policies and practices. Read our F2F columns again here.

Consultant Dietitian in Intestinal Rehabilitation

Easting Disorders Expert Dietitian

Zoe Griffiths

Registered Nutritionist

Expert in nutrition status assessment

Food policy expert

Specialist Diabetes Dietitian

Media Communications & Consultant

Researcher and Founder, City Dietitians Clinic

Researcher, lecturer and dietitian

Food educator and nutritionist

Food researcher and writer


Co-founder, nutrition recruitment agency

Director General, British Nutrition Foundation


Campaign Lead, Action on Sugar

Company Dietitian, Food Services

Eating Disorders Specialist

Nutrition author and writer

Company nutritionist

Dietitian & nutriiton researcher

Healthcare Development Manager

Nutrition policy expert

Childhood nutrition researcher

National Lead, Public Health England

Modern Dietary Treatments

Dietary surveys expert

Specialist Diabetes Dietitian

Public Health Dietitian

Sports Nutritionist

Dietary surveys expert 

Arguably the first dietitian

Expert in Nutrition: brain chemistry

Pauline Emmett

Nutritionist and Research Fellow