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Millions more middle-aged are obese, study suggests

20th May 2024

A cross-sectional study of 4,800 adults aged 40 to 80 years old in Italy, investigated obesity levels by measuring body fat percentage - an alternative to BMI (Body Mass Index).

The study found that 38% of the male participants and 41% of the female participants had a BMI above 30 (categorized as obese using BMI). However, 71% and 64% respectively were found to be obese when their body fat percentage was measured using scans.

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Eating disorder symptoms are surprisingly common in people with insulin-dependent diabetes

20th May 2024

A recent meta-analysis study undertaken at the University of Eastern Finland has found that one in four patients aged 16 years and over with insulin-dependent diabetes also have eating disorder symptoms.

Insulin-dependent diabetes has an association with insulin omission, as well as typical eating disorder symptoms, i.e. food restriction and binge eating. Insulin omission is where insulin doses are intentionally skipped or restricted due to the fear of gaining weight.

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Nutri-Score and Eco-Score: Consumers' trade-offs when facing two sustainability labels

6th May 2024

Researchers have investigated whether there are interaction effects between the Nutri-Score and the Eco-Score on food labels. They also examined consumer behaviour where there were label information conflicts.

This study found that the perceived healthiness (i.e. the Nutri-Score) had an influence on the perceived environmental impact (i.e. the Eco-Score) of foods and vice versa. It was found that information that should not be relevant for evaluating the healthiness of foods did have an influence on how healthy foods were perceived by consumers. This was also the case for environmental friendliness of foods.

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World Experts Launch Global Alzheimer’s Prevention Day on May 15th 2024

6th May 2024

A group of world-leading brain health scientists from the UK, US, Japan, and China have come together to launch Alzheimer’s Prevention Day on 15th May 2024. The day aims to increase awareness of how Alzheimer's can be prevented using an evidence-based approach.

Their website includes a short Alzheimer's Prevention Check which helps you to find out simple steps you can take to decrease your risk of Alzheimer's.

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School Kitchen launches from Yorkshire school offering a takeaway service with a difference

15th April 2024

School Kitchen, a community-focused enterprise, works with local schools to use their kitchens on school day evenings and during weekends. It provides an eco-friendly home delivery takeaway food service and the school also receives a share of the revenue.

School Kitchen also runs free cookery classes for school pupils and it provides an apprenticeship scheme for recent school leavers in the area. School Kitchen ensures all staff are employed fairly.

School Kitchen is run from the kitchens of Carr Junior School in York, which is part of the South Bank Multi Academy Trust. Find out more here...

(Photo: Olivia Brabbs, School Kitchen)

Who is responsible for fixing the food system? A framing analysis of media reactions to the UK’s National Food Strategy

15th April 2024

Researchers studied coverage by the media and social media reactions to the National Food Strategy (NFS) to comprehend the public perception of who is responsible for dealing with issues relating to food.

This study found that the media's coverage of the National Food Strategy’s findings generally placed more responsibility for change on the individual’s personal choice.

The media put less emphasis on the structural problems of the food system that need policy intervention and systemic change.

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