NHD Editorial Policy and Content Commissioning Terms

NHD, (meaning NH Publishing Ltd, Network Health Digest and all NHD-related platforms including NHDmag.co.uk, dieteticJOBS.co.uk, NH-eNews bulletins and Alerts), is a free resource for nutrition professionals (dietitians, nutritionists and healthcare professionals), which features content written by nutrition professionals.

NHD publishes articles and information for professional guidance, learning and development.

NHD welcomes submissions for consideration under these terms:

  1. All unsolicited content accepted for publication and commissioned content (including any text, files, images, photos and graphics, or any other materials that NHD commissions from a contributor) must be original and based on the contributor’s own research and expressed in their own words.

  2. Content submitted to NHD should not have been published before in its current, or similar, form. If it has been or is under consideration by any other publication, the contributor must declare this to the Editor and/or Publishing Editor upon submission.

  3. All content submitted to NHD will be evaluated by the Editor and/or Publishing Editor before a decision is made to publish. All content will be evaluated for suitability, readership value, appropriate length, house style, relevance and tone. NHD has the right not to publish submitted or commissioned content and content that has been agreed upon prior to submission. NHD has the right to delay publication of the same.

  4. NHD will not publish any content it deems inappropriate, libellous, defamatory, inflammatory or offensive.

  5. Any conflict of interest must be declared by the contributor upon submission.

  6. The contributor is responsible for ensuring that their submitted or commissioned content is fully and correctly referenced trhroughout.

  7. By submitting work to NHD, the contributor is guaranteeing that their work is not in infringement of any existing copyright.

    Please note: contributors will receive a ‘contributor template’ to fill in and submit along with their commissioned content. All content scheduled for publication will pass through NHD's editorial process prior to publication. 

Commissioning Terms

Unless agreed otherwise in writing, the following terms apply to contributors engaged by NHD on an irregular basis as freelance contributors to all NHD print and digital products.

These terms are in addition to any other terms that the contributor receives from NHD when work is commissioned and are not a contract of employment.

  1. Commissioning
    may (but is not obliged to) commission the contributor to undertake work on its behalf. The scope and nature of each commission shall be agreed between the Editor and/or Publishing Editor and the contributor. Having accepted a commission, the contributor shall produce original work of a professional standard for an agreed fee or honorarium. By submitting this material to NHD,  the contributor is accepting these commissioning terms.

  2. Copyright licence
    The contributor is the copyright owner of the commissioned content.
    The contributor grants NHD the following rights:
    a) to reproduce the commissioned content in its publications; and
    b) to use, copy, edit, adapt, reproduce, publish, print, save, store and archive the commissioned content on any platform in any medium, and to allow customers and subscribers to any of these products to do the same.
  3. Reproducing published content elsewhere
    The contributor must seek permission from NHD for printing/publishing their submitted/commissioned content in any other publication or digital platform, including on social media. An appropriate credit must be given to NHD to be agreed upon by the Publishing Editor.  
  4. Uncommissioned ideas put forward
    Any ideas that are submitted by a Contributor to NHD may be developed by NHD.

Any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with these terms (including non-contractual disputes or claims) shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales and will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.