NHD CPD eArticles

Diet & Lifestyle

Vol 13.07: Nutrition and menstruation

Vol 12.06: Functional foods

Vol 11.07 July 2021: The low-FODMAP diet: considerations and alternatives

Vol 11.04 April 2021: The immune system and nutrition

Vol 11.08 August 2021 Depression: the impact of nutritional management

Vol 10.12 November 2020 Diet and immunity: targeting gut microbiota

Vol 10.10 October 2020  The Road to Keto

Vol 10.02 March 2020 Plant-Based Diets

Vol 9.13 October 2019 Bacteria: the good, the bad and the ugly

Vol 9.12 October 2019 Preteen obesity: the parent's role

Vol 9.05 May 2019 Food allergy examined: where are we now

Vol 9.01 January 2019 Diabetes and carbohydrates: an overview of current discussions

Vol 8.15 October 2018 Prebiotics, probiotics and the microbiome

Vol 8.12 July 2018 Ketogenic diet therapy: let them eat fat!

Vol 8.08 May 2018 Food based activity and person-centred care for older people in care homes

Vol 8.05 March 2018 Obesity update: where are we now?

Vol 7.21 December 2017 When and how to use fibre in Paediatrics

Vol 7.17 October 2017 The gut microbiota in older adults and the potential for probiotics

Vol 7.14 September 2017 Childhood obesity

Vol 7.12 July 2017 Nutrition in schools

Vol 7.04 March 2017 Lactose intolerance

Vol 6.21: December 15th 2016 Overview of probiotics and their impact on health and nutrition

Vol 6.20 December 8th 2016 Counselling theories and obesity management 

Vol 6.18: November 10th 2016 Iodine deficiency: the risk of restrictive diets

Vol 6.15 September 8th 2016 The Ketogenic Diet: an overview

Vol 6.04: February 25th 2016 Gluten-Free Diet

Vol 6.02: February 2nd 2016 Health benefits of oils rich in omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids

Vol 5.12: August 27th 2015 Ketogenic therapy for adults with drug resistant epilepsy: time it was on the menu for adults

Vol 5.10: July 2nd 2015 Probiotics and the infant gut

Vol 5.08: May 21st 2015 An update on probiotic research: exploring a potential benefit for new patient groups

Vol 5.07: May 12th 2015 Nutritional Benefits of Yoghurts

Vol 5.01: January 15th 2015 Encouraging good food choices from an early age

Vol 4.21: November 11th 2014 Low calorie Sweeteners

Vol 4.14: July 22nd 2014 Childhood obesity: why dietitians need to see the bigger picture

Vol 4.12: June 26th 2014 Early years nutrition

Vol 4.11: June 5th 2011 The gut microbiota and gut health: a probiotic perspective

Vol 4.06: March 27th 2014 Dietary fibre role in gluten intolerance

Vol 4.04: March 6th 2014 The 'Measuring Up' Obesity Report: opportunities for dietitians to take the lead

Vol 4.02: February 4th 2014 Omega-3s for older adults

Vol 3.22: November 21st 2013 Omega-3 fatty acids in health and disease: the science behind the headlines

Vol 3.20: October 31st 2013 Dietary cholesterol: dispelling the myths

Vol 3.13: July 18th 2013 Managing obesity using a behavioural approach

Vol 3.12: July 4th 2013 Nutritional influences on gut health

Vol: 3.02: January 31st 2013 Dairy free in the management of irritable bowel syndrome

Vol 2.9: November 29th 2012 Omega-3 fatty acids and health