NHD CPD eArticle archive

Gastro / gut health

Vol 13.05 (May 2023) - Diet & the gut microbiome: help patients 'gut' to grips with feeding their gut bacteria

Vol 12.10 (Oct 2022) - Exploring the world of probiotics

Vol 11.12 December 2021 The gut-brain axis: the role of nutrition

Vol 10.12 November 2020 Diet and immunity: targeting gut microbiota

Vol 9.13 October 2019 Bacteria: the good, the bad and the ugly

Vol 9.03 March 2019 The Low-FODMAP diet for Crohn's disease

Vol 9.02 January 2019 IBS: setting up a patient service

Vol 8.17 November 2018 The gut microbiota and immunity: is there a role for probiotics?

Vol 8.15 October 2018 Prebiotics, probiotics and the microbiome

Vol 8.06 April 2018 Bile Acid Malabsorbtion

Vol 7.21 December 2017 When and how to use fibre in Paediatrics

Vol 7.17 October 2017 The gut microbiota in older adults and the potential for probiotics

Vol 7.16 October 2017 Crohn’s disease: nutritional management in children

Vol 7.13 August 2017 Malabsorption: An overview

Vol 7.08 May 2017 Paediatric coeliac disease and the gluten-free diet

Vol 7.03 February 2017 Coeliac disease and bone health

Vol 6.21: December 15th 2016 Overview of probiotics and their impact on health and nutrition

Vol 6.13 July 28th 2016 Coeliac disease and the gluten-free diet

Vol 6.11: June 16th 2016 Malabsorption: an overview

Vol 6.04: February 25th 2016 Gluten Free Diet

Vol 5.10: July 2nd 2015 Probiotics and the infant gut

Vol 5.08: May 21st 2015 An update on probiotic research: exploring a potential benefit for new patient groups

Vol 5.07: May 12th 2015 Nutritional Benefits of Yoghurts

Vol 5.03: February 26th 2015 Dietetic-led management of coeliac disease

Vol 4.11: June 5th 2014 The gut microbiota and gut health: a probiotic perspective

Vol 4.09: May 6th 2014 Managing antibiotic associated and clostridium difficile associated diarrhoea with probiotics

Vol 4.07: April 10th 2014 Crohn's and colitis: clinical presentation and medical management

Vol 4.06: March 27th 2014 Dietary fibre role in gluten intolerance

Vol 4.05: March 13th 2014 Treating IBS in practice

Vol 3.18: September 26th 2013 Managing increased diagnosis of coeliac disease through group education

Vol 3.12: July 4th 2013 Nutritional influences on gut health

Vol 3.09: May 9th 2013 Does an unhealthy diet cause inflammatory bowel disease?

Vol 3.04: February 28th 2013 Crohn's disease and dietary treatment: where are we now?

Vol: 3.02: January 31st 2013 Dairy free in the management of irritable bowel syndrome

Vol 2.0: June 21st 2012 Adherence to a gluten-free diet in adult coeliac disease

Vol 1.1: February 2nd 2012 IBS and the low FODMAP diet