We apologise for incorrect information published in the article Huel: is this the future of food… by Alice Fletcher (NHD August/ September 2018 issue 137 p43-47). The article states that: ‘The [EFSA] have suggested a safe upper limit of 5g/day omega-3 whereas this product would be providing 13.4g in 2000kcal, so this is an area of potential concern if used for a prolonged period of time (increased risk of bleeding)’ However, the EFSA report concluded that in fact there was no sufficient data to establish a tolerable upper intake level for omega-3s (EPA, DHA and DPA). A supplemental intake of 5g per day of EPA and DPA within this report found that this level does not increase the risk. Huel does not contain any supplemental EPA or DHA, only ALA at a level of 14g per 2000 kcal. The conversion of ALA to EPA and DHA would yield 840mg of EPA and 532mg of DHA; a total of 1372mg EPA and DHA, not the 13.4g stated in the article. More information can be gathered here: https://uk.huel.com/pages/guide-to-epa-and-dha.

The article also states that ‘Huel contains a synthetic form of vitamin D’. However, the ergocalciferol in Huel is natural, not synthetic. The majority of the vitamin D source in Huel is plant-derived cholecalciferol.