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Aliya Porter heads up our Paediatric Hub throughout November. Read her article on The influences surrounding children's dietary choices - exclusive to the Hub here... Keep updated with the latest paediatric news too. Scroll down for the Hub resources and read Aliya's informative article...

Aliya Porter, RNutr

Freelance Registered Nutritionist

Get ready to explore the profound impact the food environment has on our children. In this eye-opening article, our November feature by Paediatric Hub head, Aliya Porter, uncovers the intricate connections between a child's upbringing and their dietary choices.

We all know that children are sponges, absorbing lessons from the world around them. Their relationship with food is no different, being shaped by the environment they grow up in. It's a complex web of factors, ranging from parental choices and preferences to the very surroundings in which they encounter food.

Aliya Porter delves into three key areas that not only influence a child's daily diet but also set the stage for a lifelong relationship with food. In an era where obesity, type 2 diabetes, eating disorders, and various food-related illnesses loom large, it has never been more critical to evaluate and improve our children's food environments on a personal level. She'll explore the challenges of untangling ingrained cultural and societal habits, as well as the pathways to healthier, lasting choices for the next generation.

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