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Introduction from Hazel...

"This month, I head up the NHD Paediatric Hub and in doing so want to highlight the use of blended diet for home enterally-fed young patients as it is gaining popularity as an effective and personalised approach to nutrition support.

Blended diet involves the preparation of nutrient-rich meals by blending real food into a liquid consistency, which can be delivered through a feeding tube directly into the gastrointestinal tract. This approach offers several advantages over traditional commercial formulas, making it a preferred choice for some parents and caregivers.

Whilst some issues have been reported with blended diet and concerns have been raised, a primary reason for the increase in the use of blended diet for HEF is that it can provide a more natural and varied diet for young patients, so promoting better digestion and absorption of nutrients. Furthermore, the blended diet has been shown to empower parents and caregivers by allowing them to actively participate in the meal preparation process. They can tailor the diet to suit the specific needs and preferences of the young patient, ensuring optimal nutrition and promoting a sense of normalcy.

Blended diet has shown numerous physiological advantages too, including enhancing gut health. Read my article for find out more about blended diet and the evidence for its efficacy. I’ve also included an interesting paediatric case study too." Hazel

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