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  1. As many of us are following the Government’s advice to stay at home, keeping woman staring out of windowour energy levels up becomes increasingly difficult as the weeks go by. NHD Blogger and third-year Nutrition student, Weronika Waraksa, considers how to boost the immune system and improve energy with nutrition.

    Last week, the UK Government instructed us that we must remain in lockdown for yet another three weeks due to Covid-19.1 There is no doubt that a drastic change to our routines can completely throw us off kilter, so don’t feel guilty if you have been struggling. It’s completely normal!

  2. store cupboardWe have seen a huge amount of stockpiling going on in recent weeks as the lockdown became reality, but there’s really no need, especially as a lot of us have a pretty well-stocked store cupboard already. Here, Tabitha Ward RD provides us with 10 top tips on how to get the most out of our cupboards and make what we’ve got already go that extra mile.