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  1. Is it possible that eating a chlorophyll-rich diet can give us energy when we are exposed to the sun? Jelena Vidic,  ANutr,  takes a look at current research.

    Working in food innovation requires endless searches for current trends and scientific findings. During my recent CPD lockdown session I have encountered an interesting paper about the benefit of consuming a chlorophyll-rich food that activates when we are exposed to the sun. Very intriguing! Since the summer is approaching and we all can’t wait to go out and enjoy the sunshine, let’s explore if we can find another excuse for lazing around in the sun other than for vitamin D synthesis…

  2. NSPKU Society Dietitian and NHD regular contributor, Suzanne Ford, explores how PKU patients might be coping in the confines of lockdown.

    During the Covid pandemic, metabolic specialist dietitians have maintained regular, remote, contact with patients via emails, phone and sometimes through videos. In different ways, the resources at patients’ disposal may have changed – sporadic food access in supermarkets and difficulties in primary care getting prescription foods. But perhaps PKU patients have more time available for aquiring those much-needed skills to maintain their strict and complicated diet.